Searching for God in the 60s

Call off the search, cage the hounds, come sit by the fire, Dr. Dave has the tale for you. Whether you are way out in deep space nine with your face melting off while you try not to give into the astonishing revelation that we are all connected, or you are down in the court house trying to maintain order by throwing every jay walker in the slammer, this is your book. This book is about the search. Dr. Dave does not present God, or Truth capital T, why bore you to death? Instead he offers up something better, a grand narrative, our narrative. If you are American, or just appreciate this country’s bounce then you should be able to sink your teeth into this tale.
At once a history of the sixties and all those questers trying to break on through to the other side, this book takes the longer view and shows that this was just the latest in a series of a bursting of the dams of control. If you can come to terms with the fact that we are all under control, you can begin to take the harrowing heroic journey to find those dragons and attempt to slay them. After all that is what we’ve been doing ever since the fall from grace. Ever since the human ability to rationalize started the dance with the irrational side and the fun really started.
Dr. Dave weaves a tale that started before the Old Testament and zigs and zags through all of the those who wanted freedom, and then what happened when they failed, or sometimes worse, succeeded. It is inevitably a tale of that spark of alternating current, the pendulous swing, the back and forth from freedom, to the escape from freedom that we humans are forever on. Dr. Dave is able to speak to the intellectuals by quoting grand orators of the enlightenment, mid-nineteenth century transcendental poets, and prize winning novelists. He can then step over the aisle to the stony dude that is “hella hyped on knowledge…kid” and explain the scenes in the Matrix that left him scratching his head when the philosophical gun smoke settled.
Personally this book was able to rationally articulate a gut feeling I’ve been grappling with for some time. It all starts off with a question. Who’s in control here? This then leads to other questions. Is society a self imposed form of slavery or is it another tool we use to liberate ourselves from the chaos of nothingness? To find the answers to these and other philosophical brain busters we humans are constantly going to the voting booths to prop up our latest heroes. This contest is between the heart and the head though, not some well financed stump speakers. Do we follow the hard line empirical verifiable facts that are run through rigorous tests and analysis, or do we just shoot form the hip, go with our gut, lead with the heart, and knock those empiricists straight out the ball park? Dr. Dave is not here to guide you, he is no Guru, instead he tells the story, the why for.
To all you history buffs, english minors, R. Crumb apostles, exasperated Dylan fans, Wachowski brothers initiates, poet laureates, acid freaks, post-feminist-neo deconstructors of societal rulings and linguistic philanderers, philistines, pretty boy floyds, talmudic interpreters, Manson fiends, American young or old, this book may turn you on, tune you in, and drop you into a wave of sixties rebellion and the consequences of going too far, or worse, not ever taking the courageous first step into freedom. So cough up the twenty five bucks for the price of admission, this is one ride worth taking. In these hard times stretch your dollar by stretching your mind. Copies are moving fast so be the first kid on your block to own this mind breaking book!
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